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Merchant Payment Processing Service

Customized solutions that fit your business and appeal to your customers. Your customers will be able to make fast, accurate payments. And you’ll be able to get paid quickly. And grow your business.

Providing my customers more payment options gives me opportunity for growth.

Call Payment Processing Consultants directly at 585.249.0110 or 888.282.5384 to get started.
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  • PPC, Inc.

    Introducing our exclusive partner for merchant services

    We work closely with Payment Processing® Consultants, Inc., to provide state-of-the-art merchant credit and check card processing services to our business customers.

    Located in Pittsford, NY, PPC offers a wide variety of equipment and service options to help businesses process payments efficiently, accurately, and conveniently. So you can satisfy the needs of your customers. And get your money fast.

    One of the fastest growing companies in the Greater Rochester area, PPC is locally owned and operated–and client-focused–just like ESL.

    The company has more than 16 years’ experience in the payment processing field.

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  • Processing Options

    Whether you want to lease or buy, you can choose from a variety of great merchant services options with help from PPC and ESL:

    • Credit Card Terminals. This traditional countertop device connects to a phone line. It also prints transaction receipts.
    • IP Internet Terminals. With an IP Internet Terminal and a standard Internet connection, you can process payments online. That will help you complete transactions faster. You’ll also save money by eliminating the need for a dedicated phone line.
    • Wireless Terminals. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, portable solution, this option–which uses a cellular connection and rechargeable batteries–could be right for you.
    • eCommerce Solutions. It’s easy to accept credit cards through your website with this convenient online approach to payment processing.
    • Smartphone Apps. Want to accept credit card payments right over the phone? This smartphone solution provides the easy-to-use technology you need.
    • Virtual Terminals. Ready to turn your computer or laptop into a fast, reliable credit card processing system? This popular solution will also help you save on equipment costs.
    • Online ‘Pay Now’ Buttons. With a single click, your customers can use their credit cards to pay invoices on your website. It’s a great option for companies that want to simplify the payment process for their customers.

    Whether you want to process payments at the countertop, by phone, or over the Internet, you’ll find the right merchant services solution with help from PPC and ESL.

    It’s all part of our effort to answer to you.

  • Learn More

    Want to learn more about our merchant services? Contact PPC today:

    • Call 585.249.0110 or 888.282.5384
    • Visit
    • Or stop by the PPC office at 67 Monroe Avenue, Pittsford, NY 14534

    We look forward to helping you offer more convenience to your customers, expedite payments, and grow your business through our unique partnership with PPC.