Our Culture

Great workplaces begin with great cultures.

At ESL, our unique culture is rooted in our core values and enlivened by a commitment shared by all employees (regardless of their specific job) to deliver a superior experience to all customers, both internal and external. This commitment is the driving force of all that we do, with four simple yet crucial service expectations guiding the way.

To deliver a superior experience to our members, ESL believes that we must first deliver a superior experience to our employees. After all, happy and engaged employees lead to happy and engaged members!

So through the years, we’ve worked hard to create a culture — and an employee experience — unlike one you’ll find at other financial institutions, or elsewhere for that matter. A place where:

  • Friendliness is the norm.
  • Teamwork and trust thrive.
  • Accomplishments are recognized and celebrated.
  • Fun is never an after-thought.

Indeed, our one-of-a-kind culture helps make working at ESL much more than just a job! We care about our employees' careers.

Our Culture in Action

At ESL, it’s our people who make us great — and our culture that enables great things.

Employee Recognition

Employee recognition plays an important role in our culture. Employees are frequently recognized for their contributions to our success!


We love fun at ESL! In addition to fun in the workplace, we sponsor an annual series of fantastic events for employees at cool places around Rochester.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is a big deal, too! From our “Be Well at ESL” program, to an on-site fitness center exclusively for employees, to our own Market Café, we encourage healthy living as much as possible.


Our physical environment enhances our overall culture, too. Employees love our warm, bright, comfortable, and inviting work spaces.

Strong Communications

Our strong internal communications – including our robust Intranet, ESLtoday – play a key role in keeping our employees well informed and engaged.

Employee Experience

We work hard to make the ESL employee experience a positive and rewarding one for all. Our annual survey shows 95.68% of our employees believe ESL is a great place to work!