Employee Profiles – Michael

Sometimes things turn out to be even greater than you think. Like starting a career at ESL. We spoke to several ESL employees who told us how their roles as tellers and tele-bankers have turned out to be so much more than they ever expected. Start your search for a career as unique as you.

Michael: Teller, Pushes Himself and Exceeds

Originally from Puerto Rico, Michael joined ESL as a Teller without knowing much about banking and while still mastering English. But with his never-give-up attitude, he is now a Senior Relationship Banker and it turns out, his role as a Teller was just the first step in his ESL career!

What was it like for you when you started at ESL?

At first, I struggled a lot. When I started at ESL, I only spoke Spanish and I was still learning English at the time. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it because of my language barrier and I didn’t know anything about banking products. I’m not going to lie, for six months straight, I thought maybe this is not for me.

And then?

It took me a while, but I had lots of help from people in my branch and training helped me learn about the products. And speaking Spanish? I didn’t think it would be that useful. But really, it helped me a lot. I can help people in the community who also speak Spanish.

What about now?

Now I still keep learning. First I took part in a training program to become a senior teller; how to be more professional and become a supervisor for other tellers. Now I am a Senior Relationship Banker. I’ve never been a leader before. In my branch we work with people of different ages from millennials and baby boomers. I am also learning how to engage with all kinds of people.

How is your career different than what you thought?

When I started as a teller, I thought it was going to be just counting the money and cashing checks. I never thought of all the things you actually do to help people.

Now, it’s amazing. Sometimes you may feel that you are out of your comfort zone but you keep loving it.