Our Community

Live for giving back? So do we. Let’s make a real difference.

Employee love for Greater Rochester runs as deep as our born-and-raised-here roots, centered around helping our neighbors to strengthen our community and change lives for the better. We wholeheartedly support that to generate the biggest impact possible.

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“I feel good about the ways we contribute to the community”
- 95% of ESL Employees agree!*

* According to the 2022 Great Place to Work Trust Index

Other collective efforts key to our community commitment:

Community Impact

Providing access to resources that help improve financial wellness for employees, customers and the community propels progress. So ESL invests in expanding individual opportunity, building stable neighborhoods, strengthening organizations and systems, and supporting basic needs.

Corporate Sponsorships

Our community is a great place to call home with its impressive cultural and service organizations, fantastic sports teams, and standout special events. ESL helps enrich the local landscape by sponsoring programs, exhibits and much more throughout the region.

Community Partnerships

When others in our community succeed, we all succeed. ESL partners with several local organizations whose mission is to help specific local groups achieve their full potential. We believe that caring about people in our community is one of the things we do best.

Financial Wellness

Being a reliable source for financial services includes providing guidance, resources and information that help people make smart decisions about managing their money. This focus on financial education also plays an important role in supporting business growth and job development.