Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Your unique voice is important here.

“Our approach to embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives into all that we do has meant getting the opportunity to support ongoing learning for our employees, meeting folks where they are in their understanding of this work, and building trust to move forward as an organization.”
- Sydney Bell, Manager, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Getting together through Employee Resource Groups

By definition, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are networks of employees—sponsored by the employer—that form based on shared characteristics or backgrounds. Usually, ERG members share common identities and needs in the workplace.

That’s certainly true at ESL, but here, ERG’s provide so much more. Groups advocate for themselves and, in addition to fostering their own professional development, they can provide information about their identities, perform community outreach, open new networks for recruiting, and serve as a great way for employees to get to learn more about one another by sharing experiences.

African American Women Group

This group is excited to create a womanhood of professionals to support each other, praise and uplift other women, be a sounding board, and help pave the way to success and GREATNESS at ESL. Through sharing personal and professional experiences, creating opportunities to enhance communication and leadership skills, and encouraging career exploration through our mentoring program, we are here to help our group members feel seen for all that they bring to the table.

Latinos for Engagement, Advancement, and Development (LEAD)

Through educational events, panel discussions, and community outreach programs, LEAD aims to foster a deeper understanding and empathy among our employees. We provide individuals with the chance to actively contribute to positive change within our organization and the wider community. Employees build meaningful connections with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

LGBTQ+ Pride Group

The Purpose of LGBTQ+ Pride @ ESL is to create awareness internally about LGBTQ+ issues and provide education that increases the inclusion felt by employees, customers, and potential employees. Our group will work to further the mission, values, and Purpose of ESL and represent the interests of all employees who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Questioning, Asexual, and allies, and support ESL’s overall diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

People with Disabilities Resource Group

This group works to support people with disabilities at ESL and in our community, and allies to the group who are connected as family, friends, and co-workers. Through collaborative initiatives with departments and people across ESL, our goal is to create disability-inclusive spaces and practices, as well as gain an understanding of the experiences and needs of our colleagues with disabilities.

Young Professionals Group

The Young Professionals (YPs) are a group of people who take initiative, are eager to learn, and want to grow in their careers by networking with other colleagues and participating in opportunities that encourage advancement. While some other Young Professional groups categorize their group by age or years of employment, ESL does not. Although a majority of our group consists of millennials, our group is defined by how you view yourself. If you believe you are a Young Professional, then you are one! All ESL employees are welcome to participate in YP events and activities.

Imagine. A workplace that appreciates the uniqueness in each employee. A workplace that seeks out employees from different backgrounds and cultures, skills and experiences because it values the variety of perspectives and ideas a richly diverse workforce can bring.

That’s the soul of ESL—Great people from an array of backgrounds generate even greater ideas.

That’s a great place to work.

Connecting with our Community

Our commitment to create and embrace a diverse and inclusive world goes beyond our own walls and into the community. We support and join in with other community organizations as a way to broaden our experiences outside of the office.

  • We’ve added our signature to the RMAPI Employers Pledge, along with dozens of other local employers who have committed to implementing best practices to creating and cultivating a diverse workforce.
  • Having completed their “Full Core Program” in 2021, we now actively participate in the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Expanding Equity Networking Group. The group’s goal is to advance racial equity in business. Through this partnership, we can learn from a community of DEI and Human Resources professionals across the country on how to best support our employees through “tools, knowledge and human-centered approaches.”
  • We are excited to be part of the Rochester Chamber’s DEI Leadership Exchange Program where we collaborate with area professionals to best support our employees through our DEI work.

In other words, at ESL, “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” is about who we are, individually and together, and what we do to support each other and our community.