Our Culture

Add your best to ours for the fullest experience

When you can integrate your special talents with those of your colleagues to help guide professional growth and the financial success of customers and community, it’s a win-win-win for everyone. Our unique culture strikes the ideal balance between professionalism and fun, fostered by genuine connections, deep respect, recognition and joint support that’s tough to find elsewhere. The five core values of ESL are at the heart of all we do to deliver superior experiences for customers, business partners, the community, and each other.

ESL Core Values

  • Integrity: Being truthful, trustworthy, and transparent always
  • Initiative: Stepping up, helping out and continuously improving
  • Accountability: Owning all opportunities and challenges
  • Teamwork: Working well with all, energizing each other and embracing the power of collaboration
  • Caring about people: Showing that others’ lives, financial health and success matter

Culture in action

One-of-a-kind cohesiveness is what makes it all gel.

Employee Experience

Friendliness is the norm. Teamwork and trust thrive. Accomplishments are celebrated. Positivity and collaboration drives our pace. Diverse perspectives are valued. That’s why ESL is consistently considered a great place to work.


When you love what you do, is it even a job? Fun in the workplace along with special employee events help take the routine out of the day-to-day.

Employee Recognition

A job well-done deserves substantial kudos. So employees are frequently recognized and rewarded by management and peers for contributions that make an impact. Learn more.


Healthy options offered support better-balanced living. Our Financial Wellness program helps you get financially fit and our “Be Well at ESL” program with health webinars and fitness challenges and an on-site employee fitness center all help keep your A game going. Learn more.

Continuous Learning

The more you know, the more you can grow. Job growth and promotions are made possible through ongoing training, mentoring, seminars, workshops and related activities. Learn more.

Strong Connections

Solid relationships and active engagement with each other, our customers and the community matter. A lot. Because to us, people hold the highest value.