Our Community

Simply stated, we love the community we serve.

Since our founding in 1920, ESL has been firmly committed to the Greater Rochester community. Our roots run deep — after all, we were “born and raised” here, and we’ve prospered in this community because the members we serve have embraced us for generations.

As our footprint has expanded through recent years — we currently have [current branch count] branch and more than 40 ATM locations — so, too, have our contributions to the Greater Rochester area. Whether through corporate sponsorships, community partnerships, or even our decision to build our new corporate headquarters in downtown Rochester, ESL makes it a priority to give back to the community that has given us so much. Here are some important ways how:

Community Partnerships

Ensuring that others in our community succeed is critical to ESL’s continued success. That’s why we partner with several local organizations whose mission is to help specific groups in our community achieve their full potential. At ESL, we believe that caring about people – and our community – is one of the things we do best. 

Corporate Sponsorships

With its amazing cultural and service organizations, terrific sports teams, and unique special events and programs, our community is a great place to call home. ESL helps enrich our community by sponsoring programs, exhibits, and more throughout our community.