Employee Profiles – Latoya

Sometimes things turn out to be even greater than you think. Like starting a career at ESL. We spoke to several ESL employees who told us how their roles as tellers and tele-bankers have turned out to be so much more than they ever expected. Start your search for a career as unique as you.

Latoya: As a Tele-Banker, Listening for Cues

As the youngest of seven and with nine nieces and nephews, Latoya loves that her big family life is never dull. Now an Assistant Branch Manager, Latoya found working as a tele-banker in the ESL Contact Center is always full of surprises too.

How was your first job at ESL different than what you thought it would be?

I thought I’d only be helping members with their transactions. But I learned so much about the products and services we offer that I could use that product knowledge to help people improve their financial lives.

I even use that product knowledge at home. My brother needed a roof and he wasn’t sure what to do. I said to him why don’t you think about a home equity loan but he didn’t know about that option. I explained what it was and how it could help him. He ended up getting the home equity loan and was able to get his roof fixed.

What other skills did you bring to that role?

I would say, definitely, listening. When a member is talking, you don’t focus just on what they are saying. I listened for the background noise. I had a member call in about some of her transactions. She was saying she doesn’t have enough money for “xyz.” She was struggling and as I was listening to her, I heard her kids in the background. Hearing those cues helps pinpoint a lot of things you can do for the member.

What would you tell someone about your experience as an ESL Tele-Banker?

At other jobs I’ve had, when I left, I just left. But in this position, I would bring “it” with me each day and I learned all the time.