Employee Profiles: Taina Castro

Taina’s career search wasn’t always easy, but she worked hard and never gave up in reaching her goals. Today, she is thriving at ESL as a Programmer Analyst in Systems and Technology.

We invite you to learn more about Taina’s career journey after college in this Q&A.

'Always be open to starting somewhere and make room for change and flexibility.' - Taina Castro, ESL Programmer Analyst

As you reflect on your career, what are some thoughts that come to mind?

I am proud of how I made my way to my current position, and I love the people that manage me and that I work with.

Tell us about your career path, before and at ESL?

I started at ESL in 2016 as a Tele-Banker I (Customer Care Specialist) in the Contact Center. ESL was my first job out of college that was related to my major. Before ESL I worked at The Beer Market (renamed Beerhead Bar & Eatery) as a server.

How would you describe your experience in the Contact Center?

The Contact Center taught me a lot about the way that ESL works and how ESL works with its members. I learned about the different types of questions and issues that some of our members have, and I also learned how to be patient.

What did you like the best?

I liked being able to talk to our members and assist them in any way that we could, whether it be helping them balance their checkbooks to getting them connected with another Customer Care Specialist to help them with their banking needs.

What was most unexpected during your time in the Contact Center?

The number of things I learned about how ESL runs its business. A lot of the knowledge that I use in my current position as a developer comes from what I learned during my time as a Tele-Banker.

Can you share something about the Contact Center that you think is important for people to know?

It’s a unique place to work and special when you think about how it feels to help members. Everyone is always there to help no matter the question. Management was also very supportive in my decision to move from the Contact Center to a position that aligned more so with my skillset.

How did your move from Contact Center to Programmer Analyst happen?

I knew I eventually wanted to get into something related to my major, so I set up an internal Q&A visit with the Business Systems Analyst team. I sat with people from different specialties and then kept an eye out for available positions in the IT space.

What does your current role entail?

I essentially write computer programs that provide data to different teams within ESL based on the requirements gathered by our Business System Analysts. Sometimes it may be a data pull in a particular area of banking. There are also complex requests such as those that fall under New York State regulations we must adhere to as a financial institution when submitting certain documents.

What advice would you share with others in their own career journey?

Always be open to starting somewhere and make room for change and flexibility. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned, so just have a goal and work towards that goal no matter what, but make sure to stay flexible and open minded.

What is it like to work at ESL?

ESL is pretty awesome! The people are so incredibly nice, the management is very flexible and understanding, and the work is very interesting. ESL really does care about their employees.