Foreign Exchange Services ^top

Perhaps you are planning that long awaited trip abroad. Maybe work will take you to a foreign country. Or, you may have a child who is studying abroad. Let ESL help you out with our Foreign Exchange Services. We deal in over 120 currencies to help you make your traveling experiences a little easier:

  • We buy or sell foreign bank notes in over 120 different currencies - at NO charge.
  • We will purchase your check that has been made in a foreign denomination - at NO charge.
  • If you need us to issue you a check that is made in a foreign currency, or need to make a wire in a foreign currency, we can help you out.
  • We offer international funds transfers in over 120 different currencies.
  • We sell American Express foreign travelers checks in all major currencies.

Visit any one of our branches, or call our Tele-Bankers at 336.1000, 800.848.2265 if you are outside of Rochester, and let us help you out.