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Health Savings Account

Looking for a great, tax-advantaged way to save for copays, prescriptions, long-term care, and other qualified medical expenses? A Health Savings Account can help you put away money for current and future medical needs.

It's important that my family can pay the doctor bills when life happens.

Start saving today with a Health Savings Account.
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  • Features & Benefits

    Our Health Savings Accounts combine a great way to save for qualified medical expenses with important tax advantages:

    • Contributions (deposits) may be tax deductible.
    • Earnings are tax free.*
    • Distributions (withdrawals) for qualified medical expenses are tax free.

    There’s More to the Story

    • Your Health Savings Account (HSA) is portable. So it stays with you even if you leave the work force or change jobs, employers, or your medical coverage.
    • Your HSA funds roll over from year to year. So you don’t have to spend the money in your account every year like you do with a flexible savings account.
    • Your account comes with a free ESL Visa® HSA Card. You can use it to pay qualified expenses like copays and prescriptions.

    Get the Convenience of Banking with ESL

    • Make contributions at any ESL ATM or branch. You can also make contributions through payroll deduction, direct deposit, mobile deposit, or bank-by-mail.
    • Check your account balance and transaction information quickly and easily by using mobile banking and online banking.

    Three Ways to Pay Qualified Medical Expenses

    • Use your ESL Visa HSA Card to pay for qualified expenses like copays and prescriptions and to make payments online when you use the billers’ online payment sites.
    • Withdraw cash from your account to pay for qualified expenses.
    • You can write checks on your account to pay for medical expenses, too.

    Tax advantages. Flexibility. Bank-the-way-you-want convenience.

    Those are just some of the reasons why an ESL HSA could be a healthy savings choice for you.

    *Consult your tax advisor
  • Specifics


    You are eligible to open an ESL Health Savings Account if you are:

    • An ESL member covered by a high-deductible health plan (HDHP).
    • Not enrolled in Medicare.
    • Not eligible to be claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax return.

    Contribution Limits

    When you open an ESL Health Savings Account, your annual contributions are subject to IRS limits. Here are the maximum contribution limits for 2018:

    • Single Plan:    $3,450
    • Family Plan:    $6,850

    The IRS also allows people age 55 and over to make an additional “catch-up” contribution:

    • The maximum “catch-up” contribution for both single-plan and family-plan accounts is $1,000 for 2018.

    IRS Information

    • All transactions are reported to the IRS – so make sure you keep track of all receipts and records of purchases.
    • Any non-qualified expense may be subject to an IRS penalty.
    • For tax reporting purposes, you will receive a 1099-SA form from ESL by January 31 each year and a 5498-SA form by May 31 each year.
    • For a complete list of qualifying medical expenses, go to

    Additional Information

    • You may order checks for your HSA account.
    • The cost of your HSA checks will be charged to your account when your checks are mailed to you (prices vary depending on the quantity selected).
    • To activate your card, set up your PIN, or change your PIN, please call 844.433.1140. If you know your PIN, you may also activate your card at any ESL ATM. Just perform an ATM transaction that requires entry of your PIN (balance inquiry, deposit, withdrawal, or transfer).
  • Rates

    Health Savings Account

    Minimum Balance to Open Account: $0

    Minimum Balance to Obtain APY
    Dividend Rate
    Annual Percentage Yield
    Minimum Balance$1
    Dividend Rate0.050%
    Annual Percentage Yield0.05%

    Rates accurate as of

    Rates on variable accounts may change after the account is opened. APY is accurate as of the last dividend declaration date. Fees could reduce earnings in the account. Offering rates may change.

  • Fees

    Learn about the most common fees that are incurred on ESL savings accounts.  Click here for a complete listing of all ESL fees.

    Your Health Savings Account includes free access to and use of online and mobile banking to check accounts, transfer money, or manage your personal information. This includes online and mobile bill pay and mobile deposit.

    ATM Fees

    Fee Type
    Fee TypeESL Owned ATMs
    DescriptionFee for transactions done at ATMs owned by ESL. These include transactions such as withdrawals, deposits, and balance inquiries.

    There is no charge when you use an ESL owned ATM.

    Fee TypeNon-ESL Owned ATMs
    DescriptionFee for withdrawals done at ATMs not owned by ESL. You are charged by ESL and potentially the owner of the ATM when you use a non-ESL ATM.

    First five withdrawals per month are free with direct deposit or Premier Checking. Owner of ATM may charge a fee.

    Owner of ATM may also charge a fee.

    Fees may change. 


    Insufficient Funds Fees

    Fee Type
    Fee TypeInsufficient Funds
    DescriptionThere is not enough money in the account for the amount of the transaction (checks, automatic withdrawals via ACH, and ESL Bill Pay). The item is not paid and returned to the Payee and you are charged a fee.

    Monitor account activity with ESL online banking and/or mobile banking.
    - Set up text or email alerts to let you know when your balance falls below a certain amount.
    E$L, chat or telephone banking , or at an ESL Branch.
    - Ask about overdraft options, such as ESL Cash Reserve, CheckOK, and Courtesy Pay.

    The Payee may also charge you a fee

    Fees may change. 


    ATM/Check Card Fees

    Fee Type
    Fee TypeReplacement Fee
    DescriptionRequest a new card to replace an existing card
    Fee TypeRush Order
    DescriptionExpedite receiving a replacement card
    Fee TypeInternational Service Assessment
    DescriptionFee assessed for purchases made in a foreign currency (in person or online)
    Fee1% of transaction amount

    Fees may change. 


    Check Fees

    Fee Type
    Fee TypeCheck Printing
    DescriptionFee to order checks online, in branch, via chat and telephone banking.
    FeeVaries by style
    Fee TypeCheck Protest
    DescriptionFee charged for pursuing collection of a check written that was returned unpaid
    Fee TypeCertified Check
    DescriptionA guarantee for the payee from ESL that there are sufficient funds to honor the amount of the check written
    Fee$5.00 per check

    Fees may change. 


    Stop Payment Fees

    Fee Type
    Fee TypeStop Payments
    DescriptionTo request the stop payment of a check you wrote that has not been deposited or cashed by the payee.

    Fees may change. 


  • How to Open
    • It’s easy to open a Health Savings Account at ESL by visiting any ESL branch.
    • For more information, call 585.336.1000 or use chat banking.
    • Be prepared with the documentation needed to open an account. Learn more >

    We look forward to helping you save for your qualified medical expenses.

To open a Health Savings Account (HSA), you must complete a separate application and meet the eligibility requirements set by the IRS and the Treasury Department. Contributions to and distributions from your HSA are subject to rules determined by the IRS and are reportable to the IRS. It is your responsibility to spend your Health Savings Account (HSA) funds for qualified medical expenses, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Please refer to the Health Savings Custodial Account Agreement for more information regarding your HSA. Refer to ESL Fee Schedule for any applicable fees.