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Electronically depositing to your account?

Imagine the convenience and security of knowing your paycheck or other income deposits (like Social Security and Pension Payments or even tax refunds) are deposited safely into your ESL share account.

  • No standing in line at the branch to deposit your check.
  • No more worries about your paycheck as it sits in your mailbox while you're on vacation.
  • Money available on the same day it's paid.

Sign up for Direct Deposit Today:

Print out our convenient online direct deposit change notice or contact your employer's payroll or human services department to obtain your employer's direct deposit authorization form. Use this information when you complete the form:

ESL Federal Credit Union Routing Number: 222371863
P.O. Box 92714 (also referred to as the ABA number)
Rochester, NY 14692-8814  

  • To set up direct deposit into your Checking account -
    • Take out your checkbook.
    • At the bottom of the check, starting at the left-hand corner you will find the ESL routing number(also called ABA number) 222371863.
    • Next is your checking account number and then the check number for that specific check. Use the checking cross reference number as your checking account number.

  • To set up direct deposit in your Savings or Money Maker Account (for direct deposit and direct debit purposes, a Money Maker account is considered to be savings account) -
    • Use your complete account number.

  • Once the form is completed, return it to your payroll representative.

  • Questions? You can chat with our Internet Representatives using ESL Online Chat or call us at 585.336.1000 or 800.848.2265.