ESL Trust Services, LLC

Your family. Your life’s work. Your achievements. Your legacy. The things that are precious to you require the utmost care. This is the essence of ESL Trust Services.

Why Choose ESL Trust Services, LLC

Managing your life’s work, your legacy, and your beneficiaries’ future requires an experienced, objective team you can trust.

Meet Our Trust Services Team

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Corporate Trustee & Executor

Individuals often need an impartial administrator to relieve potential conflict and foster harmony now and in the future.

Fiduciary Investment Management

The role of a fiduciary is complex. Our team can manage administration, investments, tax preparation, and record keeping to help safeguard assets during your lifetime and after.

Foundations & Non-Profits

There are complexities and challenges foundations and non-profits face in order to properly manage financial and investment decisions. Our team can help handle these challenges with confidentiality and care.

Estate Services

It’s about protecting the people you love and preserving your legacy. Our team collaborates with your attorney on the financial implications of your plan and how your wishes are passed on.

Online Trust Services - Weblink

Weblink gives you online access to your account information.