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ABA Routing Number

Depositing your paycheck or tax refund to your account? Paying a bill on a biller's site from your account? You'll need the ESL ABA Routing Number.

What is the ESL ABA Routing Number?


What is an ABA Routing Number?

An ABA Routing Number is a unique nine-digit number assigned to a financial institution by The American Bankers Association (ABA). This number identifies the financial institution upon which a payment is drawn. Routing numbers are sometimes referred to as "check routing numbers," "ABA numbers," or "routing transit numbers" (RTN). Routing numbers may differ depending on where your account was opened and the type of transaction made.

Here is an analogy: Think of the ABA Routing Number as the address of your apartment building and your Account Number as your apartment number.

Why do I Need an ABA Routing Number?

Examples of when an ABA Routing Number is required:

  • Direct deposit of your paycheck
  • Direct deposit of your tax refund
  • Pay a bill online through the biller's website
  • Make an automatic, recurring payment
  • If you will be receiving a wire transfer from another financial institution

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