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Commitment to Customer Service

Survey after survey, the results are the same: Our members say that they “love ESL.”

All of us at ESL take great pride in that fact. But we also know that a great, consistent customer experience isn’t an accident. It’s something that you have to work hard to achieve, day in and day out.

That’s why we create a great place to work. Which attracts talented, knowledgeable, and highly motivated professionals to our team.

That’s why we build a caring, teamwork-focused culture based on accountability and integrity.

That’s also why we make sure that our members are always the top priority for everyone at ESL, from our senior leadership team to our newest employee. 

Last but not least, we created an entire department focused solely on the quality of the customer experience. To inspire our best efforts. And help us learn new ways to delight our members.
It’s all part of our effort to answer to you.

Our Customer Experience Department

The hard-working professionals on our Customer Experience team work closely with people throughout ESL to make sure that our person-to-person service, our online and mobile banking channels, our ATM network, and our behind-the-scenes support are second to none.

When it comes to the quality and consistency of our members’ experience, this dedicated team definitely helps us stay at the top of our game.

Find out why ESL is a great place to work

We know there’s a direct connection between the quality of the customer experience and the quality of the employee experience. That’s why we invest so much energy and effort in making ESL a great place to work.

By providing an energizing, upbeat work environment, we can attract the kind of people who are happy to go the extra mile for our members. 

It also helped us earn national recognition being included on Great Place to Work® lists since 2010.

Experience our in-depth commitment to your convenience

In-person. Online. By phone. At an ATM …

At ESL, we want to help you bank how, when and where you want. That’s why we offer so many easy banking options. 

And here’s something else to keep in mind. As technology evolves, we’ll keep looking for new ways to make banking faster, easier, and more convenient for you.

No question about it. We’re working hard to build a high quality customer experience for you from the ground floor up.

It’s the biggest single reason why we’ve won the Democrat & Chronicle Rochester’s Choice Award in the Bank/Trust Company category every year since 2002. 

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No matter how you choose to contact us, we look forward to giving you the great ESL experience you deserve.