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Board Members

The Board of Directors for ESL Federal Credit Union consists of a diverse group of influential and successful leaders from a broad spectrum of disciplines. This distinguished group of eleven men and women oversees the various activities of ESL and helps ensure our organization’s long-term profitability and sustainability. Their individual and collective expertise is essential to the achievement of our vision to become the premier provider of community banking services. Learn more about each member of the ESL Board of Directors in these brief capsules.

Bottom row (left to right): Flor M. Colón, Victoria G. Hines, Kenneth D. Bell, Donald W. Reeve
Top row (left to right): David L. Fiedler, Julie Camardo, Erin M. Tolefree, Faheem A. Masood, Diana Nole, Jaime Saunders 
(Not Pictured): Efrain Rivera

Kenneth D.  Bell

Chair of the ESL Board of Directors, Chair of the Executive and the Nominating & Governance Committees, and member of the Compensation Committee

Julie  Camardo

Director, member of Compensation Committee

David L.  Fiedler

Director, member of Compensation Committee

Victoria G.  Hines

Director, member of Compensation Committee

Faheem A.   Masood

Director, President & Chief Executive Officer, member of Executive Committee and Nominating and Governance Committee

Diana L.  Nole

Director, member of Compensation Committee and Executive Committee

Donald W.  Reeve

Director, member of Supervisory Committee

Efrain  Rivera