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Saving for Goals or Emergencies

Everyone faces moments in life when a large purchase is at hand—whether it’s a new appliance such as a dishwasher, or the latest and greatest piece of technology. These times can be exciting or fraught with challenges if they aren’t handled or prepared for properly. The key is planning!

Developing a strong mindset for saving will get you started on the right path. Gaining a clear understanding of the steps to take will keep you on track. Establishing a safety net will ensure nothing unexpected throws you off course. At ESL we strive to provide information and tools that will help you tackle large purchases successfully.

Things to know:

  • Set your goal and write it down to build focus on achievement.
  • Set up automatic contributions — out of sight and out of mind means fewer opportunities to change course.
  • Commit to a continual development of your emergency fund using small-step goals.
  • At ESL, we have savings account options to fit your needs.