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Young Savers

You know that it takes money to achieve your dreams. What you don’t always hear is how saving money can make the difference between reaching your goals or not. The good news is you can start today and be on track for all the great things you desire!

While saving money might not sound like something you need to think about now, it’s actually the perfect time to start. One truth you’ll learn in this section is that the more time you have to save, the more you’ll have for your goals. At ESL, we’re here to help you create the best opportunity to save now and stay on track for a bright future.

Things to know:

  • Save money for now and the future.
  • Create specific goals to keep yourself on track with your money.
  • A college education pays off in the long run—save now to be prepared.
  • If you save $200 each month in an IRA until you retire, it could grow to over $1,000,000.