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Fraud Prevention Solutions

Protect your accounts from fraud and unauthorized transactions. Keep your accounts from being compromised. Find out how you can improve your financial security with our comprehensive portfolio of fraud prevention solutions.

Positive Pay

With our easy-to-manage services for Check Positive Pay, Payee Positive Pay, and Reverse Positive Pay, you’ll be able to monitor your accounts for check fraud and forgery. 

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ACH Positive Pay and Debit Blocks

With ACH Positive Pay, Debit Blocks, and our other e-solutions, you can prevent unauthorized transactions by adding another layer of security to your accounts.

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Account Reconciliation

With up-to-date reports and information on your account activity and available balances, you’ll be able to carefully monitor your ESL accounts.

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Security Tokens

Provide extra protection for ACH and wire transfer transactions and allow you to add an additional level of login security with ESL Business Online Banking.

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