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Visa® Secured Credit Card

Want to build your credit history? Ready to take advantage of the worldwide purchasing convenience that comes with a Visa credit card? The ESL Visa Secured Credit Card could be a smart money management solution for you.

I need to build my credit with a card I trust.

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  • Features & Benefits

    The ESL Visa® Secured Credit Card gives you purchasing convenience and the opportunity to establish or rebuild credit. It's secured with money you deposit into a savings account. And there's no credit report required!

    • Use it just like a regular Visa credit card to make purchases across the country and around the world.
    • Use your ESL Visa Secured Credit Card with Apple Pay at hundreds and thousands of stores and participating apps.
    • Get access to a flexible credit line based on the amount you deposit as collateral in your ESL Secured Credit Card Savings account.
    • Build or restore your credit, because your payment history is reported to credit bureaus.
    • Save money, since there’s no annual fee. Compare that with other high-priced credit cards.
    • Save time with our fast, easy approval process.
    • Credit lines available range from $300 to $1,000.
    • Take advantage of the opportunity to earn dividends. After all, the average monthly outstanding balance on your credit card and the balance in your Secured Savings Account are eligible for our exclusive Owners’ Dividend.1

    And don’t forget these great security features:

    • Keep track of your account activity with transaction alerts. They’re available by phone and email for your convenience.
    • Protect yourself from unauthorized use of your card and your account information with the Visa Zero Liability Policy.2

    1Qualification for the Owners' Dividend is subject to eligibility requirements. Payment of a Dividend is not guaranteed.
    2Visa Zero Liability Policy does not apply to ATM transactions or to PIN transactions not processed by Visa.

  • Specifics

    Eligibility Information

    You are eligible to apply for an ESL Visa Secured Credit Card if you are:

    • A member in good standing with a savings account at ESL
    • A citizen or resident of the U.S. with a valid Social Security Number
    • At least 18 years of age

    Additional Requirements

    • You may not have any negative balances in your ESL savings or checking accounts
    • You may not be 30 or more days past due on any ESL loans
    • You may not be in bankruptcy or in the process of filing for bankruptcy at the current time
    • All borrowers applying for credit must be present at the time of the initial application
    • The primary applicant may not currently be the primary owner of an ESL Visa Secured Credit Card

    The Basics

    When you’re approved for an ESL Visa Secured Credit Card, your account is linked to an ESL Secured Savings account.

    • The money in your savings account—the collateral—secures the credit line on your account
    • Because the collateral is used to secure your credit line, you cannot deposit money into your savings account or make withdrawals. You may withdraw dividends that are earned on your account balances, however.
    • Credit lines available range from $300 to $1,000
    • If you decide to close your account, all of the money in your ESL Secured Savings Account—100%—will be used to pay off the balance owed on your ESL Visa Secured Credit Card, including interest, costs and fees.
    • If there is any money left in your savings account after paying off the balance on your credit card, you will receive a check in the mail for the exact amount due within 35 days of your final payment.
    • There is a maximum of two borrowers per account
    • Your average monthly outstanding balances for the year are eligible for our Owners’ Dividend.

    To activate your card, please call 800.527.7728.

    Qualification for the Owners' Dividend is subject to eligibility requirements. Payment of a Dividend is not guaranteed.

  • Rates

    Visa Secured Credit Card

    Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Description
    Ongoing APR
    (Lifetime Index + Margin)
    Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Description APR for Purchases
    Ongoing APR (Lifetime Index + Margin) 15.50%
    Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Description APR for Balance Transfers
    Ongoing APR (Lifetime Index + Margin) 15.50%
    Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Description APR for Cash Advances
    Ongoing APR (Lifetime Index + Margin) 15.50%
    Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Description Penalty APR, when it applies
    Ongoing APR (Lifetime Index + Margin) 18.0%

    Rates accurate as of

    The APR is variable and may be increased. The maximum line amount is $1,000. We add 11.00% to the Prime Rate to determine the Purchase, Balance Transfer, and Cash Advance Rates. As of 12/14/17, the Prime Rate was 4.50%. Please see our disclosure for complete details on the terms and conditions of your ESL Visa Secured Credit Card Account.

    Secured Credit Card Agreement

  • Fees

    Visa Secured Credit Card Fees

    Fee Type
    Fee TypeAnnual Fee
    DescriptionAnnual fee to have a Visa Secured Credit Card
    Fee TypeInternational Service Assessment
    DescriptionA transaction fee to use your Visa Secured Credit Card outside of the United States
    Fee1% of transaction amount
    Fee TypeLate Fee
    DescriptionA fee if your payment is overdue for more than three days from your due date
    FeeUp to $25.00
    Fee TypeReturned Payment
    DescriptionA fee charged if your credit card payment to ESL is not able to be paid due to insufficient funds
    FeeUp to $25.00

    Fees may change. 


  • How to Apply

    Step One: Make Sure You’re Eligible

    Step Two: Visit a Branch or Call Us

    If you meet the eligibility requirements, just fill out the ESL Visa Secured Credit Card Application at an ESL branch or call 585.336.1000 or 800.848.2265. We’ll get your application started right away.

    We look forward to helping you improve your credit score with a safe, secure Visa credit card accepted around the world.