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Become a Business Banking Member

When you belong to a credit union, you’re more than a customer or client. You’re a member of a growing organization that’s truly committed to this community.

Membership Eligibility

Your business could be eligible to join ESL if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • Your business is located in the geographical boundaries of the City of Rochester.
  • Your business is one of these eligible companies or organizations.
  • All business owners and authorized signers for your company qualify for a personal ESL membership. Depending on the type of business, this includes:
    • Business owners for DBAs and Sole Partnerships based in New York State
    • All partners for Partnerships
    • All members for LLCs
    • All officers and shareholders for Corporations
    • All members for Funds, Associations, and Non-Profits

How to Apply

Choose how you’d like to open your first ESL business account:

Required Documentation

Provide required documentation which includes:

  • A copy of a valid and current form(s) of identification for each owner, officer, and signer (see table below):
    • One Primary form of ID from List A, OR
    • One Secondary form of ID from List B AND one Secondary form of ID from List C
  • Non-Resident Alien must provide all of the following:
    • Unexpired Passport from Country of Origin (cannot be from an OFAC blocked country)
    • One form of ID from either List B or List C as noted in the table below
    • Proof of U.W. physical address

Each business type requires different documentation to join. Our Business Banking Account Opening Checklist outlines what additional information will be needed, based on how your business is structured.

List A: Primary form of ID*
List A: Primary form of ID*
Driver’s License
U.S. Government Issued Picture ID
State Issued Non-Driver’s License ID
U.S. Passport
Picture Benefits Card
Pistol Permit
Lists B & C: Secondary forms of ID*
List B: Secondary form of ID List C: Secondary form of ID*
Work Picture ID (with Employer’s name) Credit Card (in your name)
School Picture ID (current school year only) Social Security Card
  Health Insurance Card
  Utility Bill (in your name and dated within the last 2 months)

*Please contact us if the address on your ID is not your current address, is a P.O. Box or an address isn’t listed. Further information will be needed to process your membership request.