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Business Stop Payment Fees and Conditions

Know the fees and conditions associated with implementing a stop payment on a check you've written from an ESL business account.

If you need to implement a stop payment on a check you've written from an ESL business account, you can do so from within ESL Business Online Banking. The following outlines the fees and conditions for this process:

  1. Member agrees that the information being provided to ESL to request a stop payment is accurate in every detail (including dollars and cents). ESL will not be liable for paying a check that does not exactly match the information provided by the member.
  2. Please be aware that your stop payment is immediate. Your request goes into effect when receiving your online stop payment receipt. After pressing the Send Request button, the next screen displayed is your Stop Payment Confirmation. Please print a receipt for your records. To print your receipt, on the Stop Payment Confirmation screen, click View in Online Banking Activity.
  3. There is no fee for a stop payment.
  4. This request is effective for six months from the date hereof unless renewed in writing to ESL.
  5. ESL shall incur no liability for paying or certifying the check contrary to this request unless caused by its failure to exercise good faith or ordinary care.
  6. Member agrees to indemnify and hold ESL harmless from any claims, loss, costs, and expenses resulting from ESL refusing payment of the check.
  7. If the check is paid or certified contrary to this request, member agrees to establish both the fact of loss and the amount of loss resulting there from before seeking reimbursement from ESL.
  8. ESL shall NOT be obligated to notify member that it has paid or certified the check contrary to this request, and member agrees NOT to hold ESL liable if by reason of the payment or certification of the check contrary to this request other checks drawn on the account are returned unpaid because of insufficient funds.
  9. Member agrees to notify ESL immediately if the check is located, canceled, or destroyed; if a duplicate check is issued; or if other developments should make possible the cancelation of this request.
  10. Stop payment requests on official checks (certified checks, bank checks, or money orders) must be accompanied by a duly executed "Indemnity of Stop Payment on Official Checks" form (furnished by ESL at your local branch) and must be approved by ESL.
  11. If you receive a "data communication error" when attempting to create a stop payment, please try again later. This type of error will occur when ESL is performing nightly processing (i.e., every business day between approximately 7:10 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. ET; times may vary based on holidays, weekends, end of month, end of quarter, end of year, etc.).
Right to Revoke:
  1. A member may remove a stop payment at any time.
  2. In order to remove a stop payment, write "REMOVE" on the bottom of the receipt which was displayed to you when creating the stop payment online, sign the bottom, and mail it to:
    ESL Federal Credit Union
    P.O. Box 23017
    Rochester, NY 14692-9962
  3. If you did not print a copy of your receipt, you may call us at 585.336.1000 or 800.848.2265 for further instructions.