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Receive Documents Electronically

ESL Agreement to Receive Documents Electronically

I am a member in good standing at ESL Federal Credit Union and I desire to have my disclosures and statements of account delivered to me in electronic form rather than in paper form. I understand that this agreement applies to all statements and disclosures related to my accounts at ESL, including:

  • Savings and Checking account statements, whether delivered monthly or quarterly, including Premier Checking, Premier Money Maker, Money Maker, Certificate, etc.
  • Home mortgage, Home Equity Loan, or Home Equity Line of Credit, auto and other consumer loan statements
  • All tax forms including 1098 and 1099
  • Meeting notices
  • All disclosures normally required to be made by law, in connection with any service I may have or which I may obtain in the future from ESL

I understand that not all such disclosures are now available electronically from ESL and that ESL may, from time to time, notify me electronically of the availability of such disclosures and statements in electronic form. At such time as they do become available, ESL will begin to send them to me electronically unless I elect to receive them in paper form.

I understand that when I agree to receive statements and disclosures electronically, I will not be receiving said statements and disclosures in paper form. I can decide not to receive documents electronically and begin receiving documents on paper by withdrawing this consent. I may withdraw consent by following these steps: (1) sign into ESL Internet Banking, (2) select "User Options," (3) select "Online Statement Options," (4) select "Receive monthly paper statement" (5) click the "Change Online Statement Option" button, and (6) wait for the confirmation message. I will make this change at least one week prior to the next statement cycle or required disclosure cycle.

I may from time to time desire a single paper copy of a statement or disclosure. In that event I may obtain one by calling ESL at 585.336.1000, submitting a request via a secure form within ESL Internet Banking, emailing a request for the paper copy to ESL at, or by requesting a copy in writing at ESL Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 92714, Rochester, NY 14692-8814. If I require more than three such copies within any 30-day period, ESL may suggest that I discontinue the electronic service and resume receiving paper copies. See our Fee Schedule for any costs.

For purposes of receiving notices I must enter my email address within "User Options" of ESL Internet Banking. If I change my email address, I will notify ESL of my new address within 30 days, so my next disclosure, statement or document may still be received electronically. I understand that a change of email address process is available through ESL Internet Banking by clicking on "User Options."

I am the owner of a personal computer, or similar device or have regular access to a personnel computer or similar device which provides me with access to ESL Internet Banking and on which I can retrieve electronic mail notices from ESL. This computer must be capable of running a supported browser.

I agree that when I receive statements electronically, I will faithfully and promptly review the statements to ensure that there are no errors in the statement and that there has been no unauthorized use of my accounts. If I discover any such errors or unauthorized use, I will contact ESL immediately by telephone or email and file an appropriate report to protect my interests in my personal assets and to stop any potential fraud or misuse of my account as soon as possible. I have received and reviewed the for full details. Internet Banking Legal Disclosure