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An Equitable Community for All

Racist actions against people of color have permeated our country since its founding. We have been here so many times before, when change has been called for, promised, and never fulfilled. The killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and, most recently, David McAtee are the most recent examples of this.

The protest that was organized in our community by Black Lives Matter on Saturday was an inspiring moment when thousands took a stand, marched, and raised their voices to say, “No more.” We stand with our Black employees, customers, and community members who experience the continuing racism that has led to the lack of equity in employment opportunities, education, housing, health outcomes, laws, and law enforcement in Black and Brown communities throughout Rochester, and across the nation.

We must, and will, hold ourselves accountable to be an agent of change as an active member of our community because we believe that a healthy, resilient, and equitable Greater Rochester region for all residents must be achieved. We will work as an ally and advocate to those fighting to realize equity and equality. We will ensure that equity continues to be embedded into all our work—from the customer experience, to our products, to our internal culture, to our investments in community impact initiatives.

No one person or organization can do this alone. Collective, community-wide action to put an end to these inequities must exist if we are to bring about the change that is so sorely needed. We urge all of Greater Rochester to speak up and take action.

An equitable community for every resident must be our collective mission. But as long as racism persists throughout our lives, our systems, our institutions, then that cannot be.

That cannot be acceptable. Not to any of us.

Let this be the moment where we all make change a reality – BLACK LIVES MATTER.