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The Antiracist Curriculum Project: Empowering Students, Teachers, and the Community

February 2023

The Antiracist Curriculum Project is now part of the curriculum in more than 15 school districts throughout Greater Rochester [disclosure: ESL is a funder of The Antiracist Curriculum Project].

The curriculum teaches the local history of structural racism and civil rights in our community, while making space for students to bring their whole selves into the classroom. Students learn about the important, inspiring ideas and actions of people such as Constance Mitchell and Dr. Walter Cooper, while also learning about the past policies that led to harm and actions that can be taken today to bring about positive change.

The leaders and volunteers of the project have trained thousands of teachers, taught thousands of students, and have grown to also teach corporations, business associations and more throughout our community.

Learn more about The Antiracist Curriculum Project below.