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Systems Integration Project: Helping Connect Community Members with Service Providers

Through the Systems Integration Project (SIP), the Greater Rochester community is working across a diverse network of committed providers and community members to put people at the center of care in an interconnected system of education, health, and human services. By coming together as a community, SIP works to improve the health and economic well-being of individuals and families in Monroe County, especially those who are vulnerable and/or impacted by poverty. [disclosure: ESL is a funder of SIP]

In 2020-21, SIP worked to manage the Eviction Prevention Pilot Initiative (EPPI) to help people facing eviction crises during the pandemic. Many people could take between eight and 20 hours to navigate the different organizations that support eviction prevention and provide rent relief. Because of SIP, the length of time was reduced to 30 minutes. Where people used to have to go all across town to navigate a process that could take days, was reduced to single phone call.

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