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Celebrating ESL Employees During Black History Month:
Porschia Spiva

February 2021

In honor of Black History Month, we’d like to introduce you to a few ESL employees who have built unique careers for themselves in and outside of ESL. Then learn more about our commitment to becoming a diverse, inclusive workplace that provides equitable growth opportunities for all employees.

Meet Porschia Spiva, Compliance Specialist at ESL

Why do you think it’s important for companies and their employees to recognize and celebrate Black History Month?

It promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It’s a great way to remember/educate others about the important people and events that occurred. It also exhibits why we should all be treated equally regardless of skin color and cultural beliefs.

Tell us about your current role and any other positions you’ve had at ESL.

I’ve worked at ESL for more than six years in total. I started at ESL in 2010 as a teller and left in 2016 to pursue advancement opportunities. I returned to ESL in January 2021 as a Compliance Specialist. In that role, I am responsible for assisting in the development and implementation of the compliance program for the credit union. This includes adhering to Bank Secrecy Act regulations, identifying compliance risks, and training staff to mitigate the risk.

Share something unique about your own career experiences.

I never thought I’d leave ESL, but I did to take advantage of an opportunity to develop new and different skills. Then, I returned to ESL in a more advanced position.

When I left ESL, I took another position at another company. When there, I joined the Credit Risk Management team and ultimately worked as a Credit Risk Supervisor. My team and I were responsible for mitigating financial risk for the company by evaluating credit reports through various credit bureaus, securing funds on high risk transactions, and identifying fraudulent or risky clients.

What are some lessons you’ve learned about managing your career growth; was your career path exactly how you envisioned it would be or have there been surprises?

I learned sometimes you have to take risk and step out of your comfort zone. I did not envision my career path to go the way it went. There were some surprises along the way. I didn’t expect to be in a supervisor role at my prior occupation. I always wanted to return to ESL, but I didn’t think I would get the opportunity to be a part of the Legal department.

What has provided the best opportunities for career growth?

For me, it’s been encouragement and self-motivation.

What career advice would you offer to those starting out?

Failure leads to success. Don’t give up no matter what!

Has ESL provided support to help you manage your career?

I took advantage of training classes in my former position as a Teller/Senior Teller and met with people in other departments to learn more about how they function through the ESL iVisit program. I haven’t had the chance to take advantage of learning & development options since I returned, but my manager has been working with me to develop my goals for this year.

One unique thing about your ESL career is that you left and have now returned. Can you tell us what it’s like to be a returning employee?

ESL makes you feel welcome! The culture is amazing and everyone is always smiling and excited to be here.

It feels great to return to ESL. It honestly felt like I never left! The one thing I missed about working for ESL was telling people I work at ESL. It feels amazing when I have people coming up to me with questions about banking at ESL. It’s nice to know they trust my answers and believe in me.