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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: New Employee Resource Group (ERG) at ESL

September 2023

Discussion with ESL Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Specialist Aldi Priyanto about ERGs

At ESL, we recently launched the Employee Resource Group (ERG) Latinos for Engagement, Advancement and Development (LEAD).

“As the co-chair of the Latinos for Engagement, Advancement and Development ERG (LEAD) it means creating a supportive community where our voices are heard, our unique experiences are valued, and our cultural heritage is celebrated. It is about advocating for equal opportunities, providing professional development, and driving positive change within the organization. Together, we strive to create an inclusive environment where every employee can thrive and contribute to the collective success of the company.” Natalia Lauer, Telebanker II, Contact Center, ERG Co-Chair

At ESL, we know that having an established support system in the workplace can help employees in many ways, both personally and professionally.

For ESL, ERGs serve as a resource for all employees at ESL who wish to participate. ERGs are connectors to the diverse communities that make up ESL and the Greater Rochester area as we continue to pursue our purpose of helping our community thrive and prosper.

Members from other ERGs at ESL share their experiences:

  • African American Women: “It’s great to see that there’s a group of likeminded people who want to create a safe space for us to share our experiences, network and be a part of something.”
  • Young Professionals: “Finding a workplace, such as ESL, that aligns with your personal beliefs helps to deliver a sense of pride in the work you do every day.”
  • People with Disabilities: “Many people close to me, and I, have been touched with seen and unseen disabilities: ADHD, anxiety, autism, and physical limitations. I have witnessed their struggles and the discrimination they face in obtaining the resources to bring them to an equitable lifestyle. The People with Disabilities ERG gives me a place to share my experiences and resources as well as advocate for those with different abilities.”
  • LGBTQ+ Pride @ESL: “It’s important to have an ERG at work because it makes people feel seen and gives them the power to truly see others.”

ESL Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Specialist Aldi Priyanto shares some quick facts about ERGs:

What is an Employee Resource Group (ERG)?
An ERG is a voluntary, employee-led group that serves as a resource for employees by fostering a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with organizational mission, values, goals, business practices, and objectives and that are organized around a particular shared interest, characteristic, or experience.

What is the purpose of ERGs?
ERGs provide a safe and welcoming space for employees with a particular identity, or sets of identities, and those who would like to support or work on their allyship to gather and participate in various activities. Through these activities, employees learn from each other, build community, and share resources to help navigate the workplace to ensure belonging and success at ESL.

ERGs are also available for the larger organization as a resource with the collective knowledge and lived experiences that members bring to help meet business goals.

What makes a group an ERG?
More than a social group, an ERG must have a legitimate business purpose. In other words, an ERG must support the Core Values, Purpose, and larger organizational goals at ESL. ERGs must also be open to all employees, regardless of their characteristics and identities.

What does an ERG do?
ERGs initiate, organize, and execute initiatives to help with the following objectives: Attract, recruit, and retain diverse employees; promote diversity, cultural awareness, and an inclusive work environment; increase employee job satisfaction, morale, and productivity; foster professional development and learning through mentoring, networking, open dialogue, and the exchange of ideas.