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United Way's Community Fund: Giving Back to Rochester

Investing in Our Community

Creating a better community starts with giving back. United Way’s Community Fund does just that by investing more than $13 million annually to 75 Community Fund programs. Through the power of collective giving, these programs provide services to help those in need from age one to 101.

How it Works:

  1. Raise funds
  2. Invest in partner programs
  3. See community prosper

Four Key Focus Areas:

United Way invests donations raised to support programs that fall within four key areas of focus.

  1. Basic Needs (food, shelter, clothing)
  2. Healthy Babies
  3. Successful Students
  4. Supporting Older Adults

Distributing Funds:

Each organization that becomes a Community Fund program partner is monitored, measured and evaluated for proven results. That shows how recipients (and, ultimately, Rochester) are impacted in the most positive ways possible.

Why Donate?

  • $0.92 of every dollar is used to meet community needs
  • Programs are constantly assessed for effectiveness and successful outcomes
  • 200,000 people are helped annually by donations
  • Join the 10s of thousands of others who give annually to help Rochester thrive

Impact on Community Fund Participants:

  • 97% of families avoid child maltreatment, abuse, and neglect
  • GPA scores are one full point higher than those of their peers
  • 230,000 daily meals are delivered annually to the door of 1,450 individuals
  • More than $8 million in earned income tax credits was given back to 10,000 local people receiving assistance with tax returns