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2023 ESL Jefferson Award Winners

Five Local Heroes Named 2023 ESL Jefferson Award Winners!

Congratulations to these local volunteers most recently recognized by ESL Federal Credit Union and News 10 NBC WHEC as ESL Jefferson Award Winners.

This year’s honorees are:

Karen Iglesia

As the founder of Primetime 585, Karen has provided a platform to showcase the achievements of all student athletes, regardless of race, creed, and sexual orientation. Reaching beyond just covering high school sports, Primetime 585 inspires and empower athletes and our community by promoting the importance of compassion, tolerance, and cultural sensitivity.

Visit the WHEC Jefferson Awards page to learn more about Karen.

Volodymyr Pavlyuk

Volodymyr founded RocMaidan in 2014 to send aid and equipment for the rehabilitation and care of soldiers wounded in conflict in Crimea. When war broke out in February 2022, he ignited the efforts of dozens of local volunteers to once again send help to Ukraine. Taking a hands-on approach, Volodymyr has helped a wide variety of medical equipment and supplies reach soldiers, military hospitals, and displaced civilians impacted by this current conflict.

Visit the WHEC Jefferson Awards page to learn more about Volodymyr.

Jason Jipson

As an Iraqi War Veteran, Jason Jipson knows firsthand just how devastating PTSD can be. After reaching out to Trybe Ecotherapy, LLC for help, he felt the calling to support fellow veterans in their journey towards mental health recovery. In his role as a Trybe volunteer, Jason has mentored nearly 3 dozen vets through Trybe’s unique outdoor therapy program.

Visit the WHEC Jefferson Awards page to learn more about Jason.

Diana Pryntz

As the volunteer Executive Director of Deaf Refugee Advocacy, Diana Pryntz works tirelessly to generate awareness and raise funds to address the unique challenges faced by deaf New Americans in our community. From coordinating educational programs that teach English, ASL, and other life skills to assisting with communications needs to connecting refugees with needed services, her efforts truly support these New Americans as they make their new home in our community.

Visit the WHEC Jefferson Awards page to learn more about Diana.

Tam Spitzer

The full story behind Tam Spitzer and her work at Budding Readers (an Ontario County non-profit organization focused on early childhood literacy) is that she is truly an outstanding volunteer. From ordering books and overseeing their distribution, to coordinating their website, to researching and writing grant requests, Tam’s efforts have contributed greatly to why over 79,000 books have made their way into the hands of young children and their families.

Visit the WHEC Jefferson Awards page to learn more about Tam.


Past ESL Jefferson Award Winners

About the Jefferson Awards

The ESL Jefferson Awards are part of the national Jefferson Award Foundation which strives to build a culture of service in communities across the country. Founded in 1972 by well-known public servants including former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the Jefferson Awards are the country’s longest standing and most prestigious honor of its kind.

One winner of the local ESL Jefferson Awards is selected each year to attend the Jefferson Awards National Ceremony in Washington, D.C.