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Inspiring Stories from ESL Business Banking Clients: Torrado Dental

Interview with Dr. Eduardo Torrado, owner of Torrado Dental

April 2022

Dr. Eduardo Torrado wasn’t planning to stay in Rochester when he came here for a post-graduate program at the University of Rochester. But his plans changed, and he and his family soon discovered that Rochester would become their permanent home.

Today, Dr. Torrado owns Torrado Dental, a practice he opened in 2013 that is located at 1655 Elmwood Avenue. Dr. Torrado and his team offer preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care for patients of all ages. After graduating from dental school and finishing a residency at the Veterans Administration Hospital, he came to Rochester for a post graduate program at University of Rochester Eastman Dental. With more than 26 years of experience in a profession he loves, he counts every day as a blessing.

“Rochester has been great to me and my family. Great opportunities to work, raise a family, education, healthcare, and amazing quality of life.” - Dr. Eduardo Torrado

What started out as a small office has now turned into a spacious space after extensive renovations to accommodate the growing list of patients. After seven years, though, Dr. Torrado and his team found themselves in a completely unexpected situation that had to be addressed quickly.

What was business like before and after the pandemic?

Before the pandemic, like every business, we were busy. During the pandemic, due to the challenge of the lockdown, we had to develop a new business model to stay open and be able to provide services to our patients and our community.

What has helped your business survive the impact of the pandemic?

Having a great accountant. Having a great staff, which was limited during the pandemic. Taking advantage of the stimulus aid from the government and the beginning of my relationship with ESL FCU.

For how long have you been with ESL?

Two years and three months.

What has your relationship with ESL been like?

The best banking experience ever. Since I started doing business with ESL, the approach of the Business Banking team has always been very professional and attentive to my banking needs. When we first began our partnership at the start of the pandemic, ESL was essential in my success in obtaining stimulus money so we could survive the pandemic. After the pandemic, we have continued to work together, which is helping Torrado Dental continue to grow.

“We believe in our members and know how hard they have worked to launch their business and how hard they work to keep it going and growing. Our partnership with Dr. Torrado is an example of what it truly means to work together to find the tools and resources to address both challenges and opportunities for growth. We are proud of our partnership.” Business Banking, Sr. Relationship Manager, Timothy Levine and Branch Manager, Brighton Henrietta, Sharon Dominice.

Can you think of any unique or inspiring stories that you have come across from your work as a dentist?

Seeing my patients smiling again. I also have a young patient who told me, "I want to be a dentist like you."

What advice do you have for college students and recent graduates who may be considering a career in dentistry?

Stay focused. Work hard and enjoy the profession.

Is there anything else that you think is important for people to know?

There are no limits!