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Time for Home Renovations and Projects

It's no surprise homeownership comes with an ever-growing list of home improvement projects. There’s always something to do—whether you’ve got a fixer-upper in need of immediate attention or your house is ready for a routine refresh. Ideally, the best time to tackle these jobs is when you have the time. But it’s important to know what seasons are prime time.

Factors like weather, labor availability and the cost of materials will dictate the timeline and budget of any project, so think year-round when planning your next renovation. As a general rule, try to avoid contractors’ busy times by scheduling your project a month or two before or after your neighbors will be calling for the same services. You’ll save money and your project will be completed more quickly. Take a look at this season-by-season guide:

Renovations for Every Season Infographic


  • Upgrade or replace windows before the busy summer season
  • Install new floors while humidity and temperature are ideal
  • Install a deck or patio to enjoy in summer and fall


  • Install a new furnace or forced air heating system
  • Repair your fireplace and clean your chimney in late summer before the weather cools off
  • Do roofing projects in summer when high temperatures help materials seal


  • Invest in new kitchen appliances when manufacturers discount older models
  • Install a new A/C unit and avoid being waitlisted
  • Do exterior painting projects before the snow falls


  • Start planning next year’s large outdoor projects (deck, landscaping, new roof) and contact a contractor
  • Do interior painting when paint is cheapest and the air is dry
  • Remodel your kitchen or bathroom when materials and contractors are more available

Another time-worthy consideration: Improving your living space, comfort, and safety with well-planned home improvements will potentially increase the return on investment and overall value of your home long term.

A manageable way to get your goals going is to finance them with a home equity loan or home equity line of credit. You can use this calculator to determine what you may qualify to receive.

Here’s to happy home upgrades!