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Business Banking - Online Banking FAQs

For the first time you sign in to online banking, you must use a four-digit PIN. Once you are in, you will be required to create a password. If you do not have an online banking PIN, please contact an ESL Representative.

To gain access to Business Online Banking, complete the Business Online Banking Request Agreement. Drop off the signed agreement at any ESL branch or mail to:

ESL Federal Credit Union
Payment Operations Department
P.O. Box 92827
Rochester, NY 14692

Once we receive your signed agreement, we'll help you quickly complete the one-time registration process.

To gain access to Business Online Banking, please submit a completed Business Online Banking Request Agreement

  • Use ‘Make a Payment’ online to make one-time payments or set up automatic payments.
    • Transactions > Credit Card
    • Payments made in SpendTrack will post to your credit card account the same day if it’s made by 6 p.m. ET.
  • Use ‘Transfers’ in ESL Business Mobile/Online Banking to transfer money from your ESL Business Checking or Savings account to your credit card.
    • When you use ‘Transfer’ to make your payment, the amount is deducted from your ESL Business Checking or Savings account immediately but may take 1-2 days to post to your credit card account.

To set up and view balance alerts within Business Online Banking

  • Click Settings.
  • Select Alerts from the drop down.

To set up a recurring transfer within Business Online Banking

  • Click Funds Transfers.
  • Add your transfer information.
  • Select Make This a Recurring Transaction.
  • Click Transfer Funds.

Transfers can be scheduled to occur weekly, monthly, or twice a month. 

Yes. Here's how to assign a unique nickname for each of your accounts on Business Online Banking

Click Administration.
Select Set Account Name from the drop down.

Recurring transfers scheduled within Business Online Banking will continue to process if you are locked out.

Recurring transfers scheduled within Business Online Banking will occur at approximately 5 a.m. on the scheduled date. 

You can set up one-time or recurring principal loan payments in Business Online Banking. To do so:

  • Select Transactions.
  • Select Loan Payment.
  • Select the From and To accounts.
  • Select Principal Only under Payment Type.
  • Complete other fields and click Continue.
  • If you opt to receive your Secure Access Code via text, use the number that appears in the message portion of the text, not the number from which the text is sent.
  • If you requested the Secure Access Code more than once, use the Secure Access Code you received last. For example, if you first requested it be sent to an email address but then went back and requested it be sent by text, use the number sent to you via text.
  • Each Secure Access Code is unique and is only valid for about 15 minutes. If you’re not able to enter the Secure Access Code within that time period, you will need to request a new one to be sent.

Use the Secure Access Code via the delivery method you requested most recently.

The Secure Access Code is valid for only about 15 minutes. If you’ve “timed out,” just press the back button to begin again.

  • Pressing the back button when asked to “Select a delivery method” will return you to the initial login screen. Just enter your User ID and Password to begin again.
  • Pressing the back button when asked to “Enter your Secure Access Code” BEFORE you have entered a code will return you to the “Select a delivery method” screen. Select a delivery method and enter the code you receive next.

No, every time you’re prompted to receive a Secure Access Code, you’ll be sent a new, unique number.

No, once you have signed in for the first time and have registered a device, you will not be prompted to enter a Secure Access Code. You will be prompted to enter a Secure Access Code under these circumstances only:

  • At initial login for a specific device (computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile).
  • When using an unregistered device.
  • When using a different browser.
  • When “cookies” are cleared from your device.

The new Business Online Banking system features a Secure Access Code security feature that keeps your accounts safe by adding another layer of security. This multi-layer authentication verifies your login by validating User ID, Password, device, and browser before providing access. Feel free to register a device when you are the sole user (like your own computer at work or your tablet, etc.). This will allow you to bypass the Secure Access Code process for future logins. Do not register a device that has shared access.

Yes, you can register multiple devices (computer, laptop, tablet, mobile). You will need to repeat the initial login process for each device.

We’re here to help. Just call us at 585.336.1000 or 800.848.2265.