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Account Safety Alert to ESL Members

January 29, 2019

Fraud Prevention Reminder

Never let anyone that you do not know make a transaction into or from your account, and never loan or give out your ATM/Debit card, PIN, and Online Banking login credentials.

Recent Check Deposit Fraud

We have seen increased activity around a scam that has fraudsters contacting an “associate” to deposit a check into the associate’s account at an ATM or on the mobile app, withdraw a portion of the money, and leave the remaining amount for the associate to keep. Don’t be the associate!

These checks are often fraudulent, and when they are, the associate becomes an accomplice and is responsible for all of the money withdrawn from their account. In most cases, the associate has provided the fraudster with their ATM/Debit card and PIN, making it easy for the fraudster to withdraw more money from the account.

ESL is working closely with local law enforcement to catch people who are engaging in these activities. These fraudsters are often targeting younger people and reaching out via channels such as private, direct messaging on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Be extremely suspicious of any promise of free money, and never loan your ATM/Debit card, PIN, or Online Banking login credentials.

Reporting & Preventing Fraud

If you ever receive requests such as this, call our Fraud Team directly at 585.336.1140.

If you would like more control over your ATM/Debit card, ESL has a new app to help with ATM/Debit card management called ESL Card Control that allows you to turn your debit card on or off if you lose or misplace it. The app also allows you set alerts for transaction amounts, as well as certain categories of purchases—putting more control in your hands to help keep your account more secure.

ESL also offers alerts via text and email for withdrawals, deposits, and balance updates. These can be set up by:

  1. Signing into ESL Online Banking
  2. Selecting My Settings in the upper right corner
  3. Selecting Alerts & Notifications in the bottom section of the page