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Text Message Alerts

Ding! You received a text message from ESL notifying you of account activity.

Text Message Alerts1,2 are available for:

Account Activity

Receive text message alerts1 to your mobile phone regarding balances, deposits, withdrawals, and payment reminders. Please note, these text messages are not real-time messages, and there may be a delay from when the transaction activity occurs and when you receive the text message.

Online Banking Settings

Text message alerts about account activity needs to be setup in ESL Online Banking. After you login:

  1. Click My Settings (top right corner)
  2. Under Other Settings, click Alerts & Notifications
  3. Enter your mobile number and click Activate (if your phone number isn’t already showing)
  4. Then check the boxes under the text message column for the text message alerts you would like to receive
  5. Any text message alerts you set up will come from 454545

Mobile Banking Settings

Use the ESL Mobile Banking app? You can set up push notifications to receive alerts regarding balances, deposits, withdrawals, and payment reminders without having to log into the app. Push notifications come through the app instead of as a text message. After you login:

  1. Tap More
  2. Tap the gear icon to go to your Settings (top right corner)
  3. Tap Push Notifications (if you don’t have Push Notifications enabled for the ESL Mobile Banking app – you’ll receive a pop-up to enable them)
  4. Tap the toggle button to turn Push Notifications on for any alerts you’d like to receive

Fraud Prevention

Because your account security is a top priority for us, we enhanced our fraud monitoring tools that include the functionality of sending text message alerts2, email alerts, and automated phone calls when a transaction is identified as possible fraud.

Please remember: ESL will NEVER contact you and ask for your account numbers or Social Security Number.

Within a minute of identifying a transaction as potentially fraudulent, we will contact you via text (from 86975), email, or call (based on the contact information we have for you). Simply let us know if you authorized the transaction or not, and we’ll let you know your next steps. It’s that easy!

If you did authorize the transaction, you will need to try the transaction again because the original transaction was declined.

You may opt-out of receiving these text message alerts by replying ‘Stop’ to the messages. Once you opt-out, if you would like to opt back in to receive these messages you must contact us.

ESL Loans

We understand life gets busy and small reminders are just what you need to help you stay on track—like receiving text message alerts2 regarding your ESL Loan payment.

If you have an ESL Auto, Personal, Short-Term, RV, Boat, or Motorcycle Loan and we have a mobile number on file, you’ll receive a maximum of two text messages a month for each loan you have:

  • You’ll receive a text message five days prior to your payment due date reminding you that you’re payment is coming up
  • If we haven’t received your payment within 13 days of your payment due date, you’ll receive another text message reminding you that your payment is due

You may opt-out anytime by sending ‘Stop’ to 26487. To opt back in, text ‘OPTIN’ to 26487 or contact us at 585.336.1335 or 800.848.2265, ext. 1335.

Offering these text message alerts is another way we are committed to providing support to you to help you maintain a financially healthy lifestyle.

1: Standard text messaging charges may apply. 2: Fraud Prevention and ESL loan payment reminder text message alerts are free of charge.