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Mehul Makwana

Faheem A. Masood

Faheem A.  Masood

President & Chief Executive Officer

Joseph S. Buscaglia

Joseph S.  Buscaglia

Executive VP, CIO and Director, Systems & Technology

Celeste A. Kier

Celeste A.  Kier

Executive VP/Director, Marketing & Customer Experience

Thomas J. Rogers

Thomas J.  Rogers, CPA

Executive VP, Chief Financial Officer, and Director, Marketplace

Arline L. Santiago

Arline L.  Santiago

Executive VP, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel

Maureen R. Wolfe

Maureen R.  Wolfe

Executive VP/Director, Human Resources & Community Impact

Caytie Bowser

Caytie  Bowser

Senior VP/Director, Product & Customer Experience

Keith E. Cleary

Keith E.  Cleary

Senior VP/Director, Business Banking

Marcelina Nobrega Courtney

Marcelina Nobrega  Courtney

Senior VP/Director, Retail Banking

James Darcy

James  Darcy

Senior VP/Director, Treasury

Edward French

Edward  French

Senior VP/CIO and Director, Systems & Technology

Leo Iacobelli

Leo  Iacobelli

Senior VP/Director, Wealth Management

Ajamu Kitwana

Ajamu  Kitwana

Senior VP/Director, Community Impact

Tina M. Knapp

Tina M.  Knapp, CPA

Senior VP/Director, Payments & Branch Service Support

Jennifer B. Shoemaker

Jennifer B.  Shoemaker

Senior VP/Director, Corporate Strategy & Analytics

Julie Ahrens

Julie  Ahrens

VP/Director, Organizational Development & Culture

Matthew Davis

Matthew  Davis

VP/Director, Chief Information Security Officer

Nada Debbaghi

Nada  Debbaghi, CPA

VP/Director, Controller

Theodore T. Heinrich

Theodore T.  Heinrich

VP/Director, Audit

James Miller

James  Miller

VP/Director, Mortgage Lending

Jeremy Newman

Jeremy  Newman

VP/Deputy General Counsel

Michael Prince

Michael  Prince

VP/Director, Branch & Contact Center

Richard G. Pulvino

Richard G.  Pulvino, APR

VP/Director, Marketing

Brian Walsh

Brian  Walsh

VP/Director, Assistant Treasurer