Employee Profiles – Xavier

Sometimes things turn out to be even greater than you think. Like starting a career at ESL. We spoke to several ESL employees who told us how their roles as tellers and tele-bankers have turned out to be so much more than they ever expected. Start your search for a career as unique as you.

Xavier: As an Internet Banker, Making Human Connections...Online

After a variety of other jobs at other companies, Xavier took some advice from his aunt and accepted a job as a Tele-Banker at ESL. Soon after, he joined the Internet Banking team and found his niche connecting members with solutions while chatting online. From there, his ESL Career continued and now he works as a Payment Operations Specialist.

Before you started at ESL, what did you know about careers in banking?

When I thought about working in banking, I thought you would just count money. But I think we can all agree you use your mind and have to think through how to help people.

What about working at ESL?

When I first met with the recruiter, she suggested taking a role as a tele-banker because of my previous experience at other call centers. I didn’t think I would like it but once I started working here, I realized this is not like other call centers. The culture is different here than anywhere else.

You’ve worked in other call centers, what’s unique about the ESL Contact Center?

At ESL, it is really member focused. Previously, I was mainly tech support so I concentrated on the device and not the caller. It wasn’t person to person. Here, you can actually build a rapport with the person you are talking to. They call you just to talk. That person to person versus person to machine is pretty nice.

Tell us about becoming an Internet Banker?

After I was hired, I knew I wanted to work towards becoming an Internet Banker. I thought that looked cool. I showed interest and my supervisor helped me set up time to shadow other Internet Bankers. It was pretty interesting. Once I became an Internet Banker, I started on a slow day and I thought, oh! I can do this! Then it got really busy and I thought, whoa! Can I really do this? Soon I was chatting with 60 to 100 people a day.

Have you experienced any challenges, and how did you overcome them?

In the Contact Center, you work with people of all ages—someone younger that doesn’t know how to use their first debit card, or someone older who may not be familiar with technology and can’t get into online banking. It’s hard, sometimes, to make everyone happy so I took a class on generational differences and learned skills to help me better connect with different types of callers. It was tough at first but I’ve definitely gotten better!

Any advice for someone considering a position in the ESL Contact Center?

I would say, go for it!

For me, there was kind of a wow factor because when you walk in, everyone says hello. I remember asking one of my teammates, when does it stop?

“What do you mean,” he asked.

I said, “When do they stop bringing the food and being so nice?”