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Highlighting Organizations That are Serving our Greater Rochester Community: The Hub 585

“Through our partnerships, I’m seeing children and families being restored.”
- Dr. Ashley Cross, Founder and Executive Director of The Hub 585

The Need

Recognizing that there was a strong need for additional resources and support to provide a safe and nurturing home for children in foster care, and their families, Dr. Ashley Cross established The Hub 585 in 2018. In Monroe County, there are nearly 500 children between birth and the age of 21 in foster care. (

The First Initiative

The first initiative began in 2019 as an online care portal that links children and families and is used by Child Protective Services (CPS).

The Mission

The Hub 585, housed on the third floor of a downtown church, launched its Hope Center to do just that, providing a mechanism to increase and sustain hope in children who have experienced trauma that may leave them stripped of hope for a bright present and future.

“The Hope Theory is also for families. They too are in need of hope to get them through difficult times,” shared Dr. Cross. “We have a family room that adds a sense of dignity because they don’t have to go to the Monroe County building to meet. Our family room feels accepting as parents work to get their children back and reunite as a family.”

The Major Milestone

This summer (of 2022) The Hub 585 celebrates a major milestone: helping its 1000th child in foster care. It’s a long and delicate process that offers several different programs such as the Life Launch Mentoring Program where teens are matched with mentors to help develop a sense of permanency.

The Stigma

As Dr. Cross continues her work with some of the most vulnerable children in the Greater Rochester community, she is quick to point out the incorrect stigma surrounding parents whose children are placed in foster care.

“People think these parents are unfit people. That they just woke up and decided to not be good parents. Many of them have extremely difficult obstacles to try to overcome or mental health challenges. They could be living in poverty, which creates additional stress and difficulties. Many are good people and may be cited for neglect (because of employment responsibilities) not abuse.”

Dr. Cross adds that another misconception among people is the belief that children and teens in foster care are hard to deal with. She says people need to remember these are highly traumatized individuals who are hurting and need strong and solid relationships in their lives.

“The very thing that they lack is the very thing that they need, relationships,” emphasizes Dr. Cross.


The Hub 585 is always in need of qualified volunteers. Currently, the organization could use 40 mentors for 15 foster children. To learn more about The Hub 585 and how you can help, please visit:

ESL is a funder of The Hub 585, having provided them a grant focused on equitably supporting Black and Latino organizations.