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Community Partner Highlight: Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester

Rochester has always been a community rich in its resources available for its citizens. One of the most valuable resources in terms of financial services is Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester (CCCS).

According to their website (, the mission behind CCCS is to focus on “the financial wellness of families and individuals” in the Rochester community and to be “the most trusted resource for financial literacy education, products, and services that enable individuals and the communities we serve.”

CCCS accomplishes this through three main functions:

  1. Financial Education
  2. Debt Management Program
  3. Counseling Services
Financial Education

This function focuses on providing objective information regarding money management and credit. CCCS provides workshops and classes on topics such as “Budgeting & Credit Reports” and “First Homebuyer.” This function also provides resources on understanding the factors that affect credit, how to protect oneself from identity theft, and budgeting advice.

Debt Management Program

In this program, CCCS works with individuals and creditors to help build a budget that works. Then CCCS negotiates with creditors to reduce interest rates and fees. One of the most important benefits of this program is that individuals work with certified credit counselors who will help them carefully design the most appropriate debt management and consolidation action plan, and then CCCS manages the repayment of the debt.

Counseling Services

CCCS provides counseling services in four main areas: credit, student loans, housing, and bankruptcy. As a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, the community can rely on CCCS’s long track record for providing reliable and high-quality credit counseling services and financial education services. If individuals are experiencing hardships in any of the four counseling services areas, CCCS’s certified credit counselors are available to help.

CCCS has proven itself to be a resource in our community to bring financial wellness to families and individuals. Through its mission and vision, the organization has made it clear that it strives to make Rochester a better community for its citizens. Its staff and credit counselors are available to help and work hard to make the organization’s mission a reality.