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ESL 2018 Rochester Small Business Climate Half-Year Report

We’re midway through 2018 and we’ve revisited the climate of Rochester’s business community. ESL recently asked 216 small businesses to answer a survey on how they feel about operating in the Flower City. The results are in, and it’s clear that Rochester businesses are feeling optimistic.

High Expectations

  • 93% expect to finish the year as anticipated or better


  • 80% expect 2018 revenues to be as projected or even higher

What will contribute to 2018 ending better than you expected?

  • More Customers/Sales/Revenue: 79%
  • Improving Economy: 14%
  • New Capacity/More Locations: 15%

Top Three Challenges

  • Work-Life Balance: 30%
  • Dealing with Taxes/ Tax Codes: 20%
  • Access to Capital: 18%

Why Rochester?

Rochester small business owners cite Rochester as a great place to do business.

  • Great Community: 24%
  • Number of Customers: 14%
  • Hometown Pride/Family: 12%