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Save For Success Program: Helping Students with College Tuition & Dream Jobs

Get Help with College Expenses and Financial Guidance

The Save for Success program can help you pay your Monroe Community College (MCC) tuition, so you can focus on your bright future. If you qualify, you can get up to $3,000 toward MCC tuition, books, and related expenses. Plus, through a series classes, you learn money-management skills you can use your whole life.

Brought to you by MCC, the MCC Foundation, Hillside, PathStone, and ESL Federal Credit Union, Save for Success is a great way to invest in you. Because you’re worth it! But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what a few Save for Success students have to say:

Jaimee Prass
Dream job: Working in global relations in a developing country

“I’m on my own when it comes to paying for college, rent, food, everything. But with help from the Save for Success program, I was able to pay for an entire spring semester and most of my summer classes at MCC. And now I’m transferring to Columbia where I'll be majoring in Economics and Political Science!

As part of Save for Success, I took workshops where I learned to manage my money, be financially responsible, and advocate for myself, which helped me be able stay at MCC. In the credit workshop, I learned about getting and managing credit and improving my credit score to help me prepare for the math classes I’ll need at Columbia.

Because of Save for Success, I’m on my way towards achieving my goal of working in global relations in developing countries someday. Save for Success can help you reach your goals, too. So look into it, talk to the program coordinators and ask questions. There’s no strings attached and it was amazing for me.”

—Jaimee Prass

Sethany Johnson
Dream job: Working in community health

“The Save for Success program gave me a springboard in life. It cut the costs of my education at MCC and gave me lifelong financial skills. As a single mother of two boys, I learned how to not only manage money, but save money—even while going to school at MCC full-time.

So if I need to save for something now, I know how. I learned about credit, debt, checks and balances (that even helped me with my math classes) and now I’m teaching my son how to save money. I also learned study skills and time management strategies. That, plus the 8-1 tuition grant, helped me get to where I am now: at The College at Brockport majoring in Health Administration and minoring in Public Health.

Here’s what I tell people: Save for Success is an awesome opportunity to learn how to save money and lower your college costs. You’ll have less debt and maybe won’t even have to take out any loans! It's a brilliant program, and if I could scream it from a mountain top, I would.”

— Sethany Johnson

Jaimee and Sethany are just two of the many MCC students who are on their way toward achieving their dreams with the help of a Save for Success education grant and financial and life skills counseling. If you’d like help pursuing your dreams at MCC, click here to learn more about the Save for Success program.