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Celebrating Black History Month: Cynthia Bahati

February 2024

In honor of Black History Month, we would like to introduce you to ESL employee Cynthia Bahati, a Telebanker, who shares her inspiration and advice for others as she pursues her dreams at ESL.

Meet Cynthia Bahati, Telebanker

Cynthia Bahati

Tell us about your career journey at ESL.

I started at ESL in March of 2022 as a Telebanker I. I was soon promoted to the role of Telebanker II, which is my current position.

What do you like the most about ESL?

I love that ESL is so involved in the community. This is also a career where you can grow, and you can see yourself grow. ESL will take you from 0 to 100 percent in no time at all. I say that because there are so many opportunities to grow here. The training and courses offered by ESL is an example. I also get to learn so much about finance in my role, which isn’t taught in school. What I learn here I am then able to share with my family and friends and help educate them about finances.

What serves as an inspiration to you at work and in your personal life?

How proud I am to say that I work at a financial institution. For me, it is such a prestigious position and one that my family and I highly value. I can educate my younger siblings on finances, savings, credit, and so much more. The knowledge that comes with my position is invaluable.

What advice would you share with others when it comes to making career choices?

I would say invest in something that is long lasting. So many things will come and go. Invest in skills and a career where there is always a need for what you can do and know. Hobbies are great, but establishing a firm foundation is key.

Why is Black History Month important to you?

It’s important to recognize our history, where we have been and where we are now. People should know about that.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

I love musicals. I was a big orchestra kid. I play piano. I sing. I also play soccer. I played in high school, and I love watching it.

What else would you like to share with others?

In life overall I think it’s important to do something that is long-lasting, but that also brings joy and happiness. And make it fun!

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