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Financial Health in Greater Rochester Facebook Group

It’s more than being informed, it’s empowering.

Looking to improve your financial life and habits? Join our Financial Health in Greater Rochester Facebook Group! We’re an inclusive community of individuals and financial experts committed to knowledge sharing, asking questions, and helping each other build a healthier financial life.

Financial Health in Greater Rochester

A Facebook Group by ESL Federal Credit Union.

Improve your financial life and habits.

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About Facebook Groups

Facebook has increasingly encouraged people to use Facebook Groups as a way to connect with like-minded individuals who share interest in a specific topic or theme. Users in the Financial Health of Greater Rochester community are encouraged to ask questions to better their own financial health, share their experiences on common financial topics, and celebrate any financial health success they achieve.

What topics are addressed in the Group?

All group members are welcome to share personal and business, finance-related topics. Users are encouraged to ask questions, share helpful articles or resources, participate in polls, and provide insights from their own unique financial experiences.

Who can participate?

Anyone interested in improving his or her financial health is welcome to join the Facebook group! Users will have to agree to read and follow all Group Rules in order to join and maintain an active status.