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C.A.S.H. to Provide Free Tax Preparation for Eligible Monroe County Citizens

The organization C.A.S.H. (Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope) is a community coalition of 40-plus organizations, working together to improve life for low and moderate income working families in Monroe County.

C.A.S.H. Coalition Services for Rochester Residents

As one of the organization’s partners, ESL is promoting the availability of free 2020 tax preparation services provided by C.A.S.H. This free tax preparation service continues to make a huge impact on our community.


C.A.S.H. will be hosting services from February 10 through April 18, 2020, where people who are eligible can meet with a C.A.S.H. team member and drop off their documents to have their taxes completed and filed for free.

Central Library — 4th Floor
115 South Avenue
Bausch & Lomb building across from Rundel Memorial Library

In order to meet the high demand for services and reduce waiting times, C.A.S.H. is now offering Drop off Services ONLY to taxpayers. Taxpayers will be able to meet with a C.A.S.H. team member to drop off their documents and be asked to return at a designated time (within 3-5 days) to review and pick up their completed tax return. C.A.S.H. is also committed to providing access to services to those with Limited English proficiency and those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Taxpayers are welcome to call ahead to arrange for an interpreter for their visit, 585.900.1004.

For more information about availability and location, you visit the C.A.S.H. website at


To be eligible, filers must meet the following requirements:

  1. Your total household income is less than $56,000 for families with dependents and less than $25,000 for those without dependents and
  2. You work and live in New York State (but not in New York City) and
  3. You don’t have rental property income and
  4. You did not sell stocks, bonds, or other financial assets and
  5. If you are self-employed, you did not have a loss, no employees, and your business expenses were less than $25,000.

Required Documents

Filers must also bring the following documents with them for tax preparation, whether the filer is a new or a returning client:

  1. Picture IDs for you and your spouse (if filing jointly)
  2. A Social Security card and an accurate birth date for everyone included on your tax return
  3. W-2 forms for all jobs worked in the tax year
  4. All 1099 forms that you received (examples: retirement accounts, social security benefits, and unemployment income)
  5. Be prepared to discuss your Health Insurance Coverage
  6. Copy of previous year’s tax return, if available
  7. Childcare provider’s name, address and tax ID number to claim credits for childcare expenses, if applicable
  8. Copy of 1098T and records for college expenses to claim credits for education expenses, if applicable
  9. For Direct Deposit, bring account and routing information for checking, savings, and prepaid card accounts.
  10. If you are self-employed, bring records for income and expenses related to your business