Thrive Where You Belong

We are a community in progress. Tightly connected by our potential, we’re moving forward through constant change, redefining what matters and discovering something bigger than ourselves: the worth of our collective strength.

As a customer of ESL, you’re planting the seeds for a better financial future: for you, your family, your business, and our community. You’re part of a movement committed to the advancement and prosperity of our region. Because we believe we’re all partners in an even Greater Rochester.

At ESL, our focus beyond a superior customer experience is providing essential guidance to stimulate greater financial wellness for every customer — reinvesting in people, programs, and businesses to help grow the local economy, and creating and supporting true community impact and better quality of life for all.

Let’s progress together.

Customer Stories: What it means to Belong to Something Bigger


Stephen is a retired engineer and project manager. He has shared the values and support of ESL for 40+ years. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

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Ramir credits ESL for helping him gain financial responsibility personally and professionally. “It’s understanding your power and that the future holds no limits.”

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For Thalia and her family, "Belong to something bigger" means opening doors to what’s possible. ESL helped bring that dream to life. “We see the bigger picture.”

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