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Brand Stories: Philippe “Flip” Polizzi-Rivera is Free in His Own Home

When you belong to something bigger at ESL, you’re helping to support the prosperity of members like Philippe “Flip” Polizzi-Rivera, who is now living his best life after purchasing his first home. But getting there was a long and difficult journey that began after Flip spent 15 years living in a long-term care facility. Battling a broken system to become his own guardian, Flip defied the institution’s discharge norms. His therapist, Heather Burroughs, saw his determination and became a friend and an advocate of his mission. Flip’s team of supporters grew with Jacqueline Riorden, Senior Fiduciary Officer of ESL Trust Services, LLC., who helped Flip access critical homebuying resources. After finally finding a space that provided the independence he had been dreaming of, Flip says, “I am the man of my own house. I have a voice … This hasn’t been easy, but this big step has been huge for my emotional health. I no longer feel trapped. I am finally free.”

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