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Brand Stories: Michelle, A Comeback Tale

In Michelle’s hardest of times, ESL provided a path to hope through fundamental guidance and support. Hear her comeback tale in her own words.

How can a banking relationship change someone’s life? Just ask ESL Member, Michelle, who found guidance and support to help her grow greater financial strength and freedom. Hear her perspective of what it means to belong to something bigger.

When Michelle found herself in the hardest of times — going through a divorce with a high debt-to-income ratio and struggling both financially and emotionally — it was a meeting with ESL and Assistant Branch Manager, Paris, that started her on a path towards greater financial strength and freedom. In addition to listening with empathy and understanding, Paris was committed to finding a solution for Michelle, helping her feel hopeful and less alone. That’s when they determined that a Home Equity Line of Credit could help. This was more than a loan; it offered a lifeline towards financial stability.

With a dramatically lower monthly debt payment, Michelle found a renewed sense of hope for her family’s future. She was able to get back on track financially and she felt like she had someone in her corner to turn to. To this day, she is still working with ESL to aid in her financial wellness and manage her finances.

In her words, “From where I was, to where I am now, is exponential.”

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