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Check Cashing

Looking for fast access to your money? No problem and no ESL account required. We’ll cash your payroll, government, and official bank checks – and your postal money orders – at any ESL branch for a simple, straightforward per-check fee.

I want convenience and straightforward fees when I cash my checks.

Register today for Check Cashing at ESL.
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  • Features & Benefits

    Thanks to our convenient Check Cashing Service, you can get fast access to your money simply by visiting any ESL branch.

    • No hidden fees. Once you’re registered*, all you have to do is pay a simple, straightforward fee for each check you cash.
    • It couldn’t be easier. There’s no minimum account balance requirement. In fact, you don’t even need an ESL account.
    • Available throughout the Greater Rochester area. You can cash checks—quickly and easily—at any of our 21 branches. They stretch from Batavia to Newark and Rochester to Geneseo.
    • Save time. And get your money fast. Once you’re registered, cashing your checks is a breeze.

    Check cashing from ESL. It’s another way we make money management easier and more convenient for you.

    Already a member? Click here for checking cashing information.

    *Registration subject to eligibility requirements.

  • Specifics
    Register at Any Branch

    That’s all there is to it. For more information on the registration process, see How To Register.

    Cash a Variety of Checks at Any ESL Branch

    Once you’re registered, you can cash these checks at any ESL branch by paying a simple, straightforward fee based on the value of the check:

    • U.S. Treasury checks
    • Social Security checks
    • Veterans checks
    • Federal, New York State, and Local Government checks
    • Official bank checks and Money Orders
    • Certified checks
    • Payroll checks (printed and verifiable handwritten)
    • U.S. Postal Money Orders
    • Annuity checks
    • Checks issued by Eastman Kodak Co. and Kodak Savings and Investment Plan (SIP)
    • Known business and pension checks
    • Brokerage firm checks (checks issued by brokerage firms, not personal checks written against brokerage accounts)

    Please remember there is a $10,000 limit per check.

  • Fees

    Check Cashing Fee

    Fee Type
    Fee TypeCheck Cashing
    DescriptionFee to cash a check in an ESL branch, if you do not have an ESL account.
    FeeCheck up to $1,000: $1.00 per check
    Check from $1,001-$2,000: $15.00 per check
    Check from $2,001-$5,000: $30.00 per check
    Check from $5,001-$10,000: $75.00 per check

    Fees may change. 


  • How to Register

    Ready to get started? Stop by the ESL branch near you and register for our convenient, easy-to-use Check Cashing Service today. All you have to do is follow three simple steps. 

    1. Make sure you’re eligible (see below)
    2. Complete a Cash Services Registration Form—just print it out … fill it out … and bring it to any ESL branch
    3. Provide your Social Security Number and two current forms of identification:
      • Your current government-issued Driver’s License OR unexpired U.S. Passport 
      • A utility bill or another official document that verifies your current address

    The entire process takes only a few minutes. Then you can cash a wide variety of checks throughout the Greater Rochester area simply by visiting any ESL branch.


    While it’s not necessary to be an ESL member to use ESL Cash Services, you must meet one of the following eligibility requirements:

    • An immediate family/household member* is a current ESL member, OR
    • You, or an immediate family/household member,* live, work, worship, or attend school within the geographic boundaries of the City of Rochester, OR
    • You, or an immediate family/household member,* are an employee/retiree of an eligible company or member/volunteer of an eligible organization.

    You also cannot have a ChexSystems Record that is due to fraud.

    Any ESL representative can help you determine how easy it is to qualify.

    * Immediate family member is a spouse, child, parent, grandparent, grandchild, brother, or sister. View list of eligible companies and organizations.

    For more information:

    We look forward to helping you get fast access to your money. It’s all part of our effort to answer to you.