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Arline L. Santiago

Faheem A. Masood

Faheem A.  Masood

President & Chief Executive Officer

Thomas J. Rogers

Thomas J.  Rogers, CPA

Executive VP, Chief Financial Officer, and Director, Marketplace

Maureen R. Wolfe

Maureen R.  Wolfe

Executive VP/Director, Human Resources & Community Impact

Caytie Bowser

Caytie  Bowser

Senior VP/Director, Product & Customer Experience

Keith E. Cleary

Keith E.  Cleary

Senior VP/Director, Business Banking

Edward French

Edward  French

Senior VP/CIO and Director, Systems & Technology

Leo Iacobelli

Leo  Iacobelli

Senior VP/Director, Wealth Management

Ajamu Kitwana

Ajamu  Kitwana

Senior VP/Director, Community Impact

Tina M. Knapp

Tina M.  Knapp, CPA

Senior VP/Director, Payments & Branch Service Support

Mehul Makwana

Mehul  Makwana

Senior VP, Chief Lending Officer, and Director, Risk Management

Jennifer B. Shoemaker

Jennifer B.  Shoemaker

Senior VP/Director, Corporate Strategy & Analytics

Julie Ahrens

Julie  Ahrens

VP/Director, Organizational Development & Culture

Trina Bonenfant

Trina  Bonenfant

VP/Director, Audit

Matthew Davis

Matthew  Davis

VP/Director, Chief Information Security Officer

Nada Debbaghi

Nada  Debbaghi, CPA

VP/Director, Controller

James Miller

James  Miller

VP/Director, Mortgage Lending

Michael Prince

Michael  Prince

VP/Director, Branch & Contact Center

Richard G. Pulvino

Richard G.  Pulvino, APR

VP/Director, Marketing

Brian Walsh

Brian  Walsh

VP/Director, Assistant Treasurer