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Bill Pay

At ESL, we work hard to make money management easier and more convenient for you. Case in point: our online Bill Pay service. You can pay all your bills with a few quick keyboard clicks. And there are no envelopes or stamps to worry about. It’s a great way to find a little more time in your day for everything else you have to do.

Once you sign up for ESL online banking, you can pay bills — quickly and easily — from your ESL checking or Health Savings Account. You can pay bills on a one-time basis. Set up recurring payments for cable TV, utility services, and other monthly bills. Manage your bills by setting up handy email notifications that will remind you when bills are due and when payments have been sent. You can even get electronic bills from some merchants. Those are just some of the great, timesaving features of online Bill Pay and online banking from ESL.

Here’s How it Works

With online Bill Pay, your payments will either be made through an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction or a paper check issued by the Bill Pay system. It all depends on the requirements of the payee.

  • ACH payments may take up to three business days to reach the payee.
  • Paper checks may take up to five business days to reach the payee.

When you use the online Bill Pay calendar to select the send on and deliver by dates, you will find out what type of transaction — ACH or paper check payment — your payee requires.

Need your payment to arrive by the next business day? Use our Expedited Payment service to send your payment either electronically or with an overnight check, depending on the requirements of the payee. A convenience fee will be charged according to what payment type the payee will accept. Not all payees will accept Expedited Payments and limited payees will accept Expedited Electronic payments.

Here’s How to Get Started

If you’re an ESL member with a checking or Health Savings Account and access to online banking, you can set up your online Bill Pay service by following these simple steps:

  • Sign in to online banking.
  • Click Bill Pay.
  • Complete the registration form.

That’s all there is to it. Within three business days from the time of your registration, you’ll be ready to start paying bills … and saving time … with online Bill Pay from ESL.

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